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      Program Name FormView - Free PCL Viewer Download Now
      Description FormView Reads, Views, Searches, Prints HP PCL5 files 
      Version/File 4.5  
      Date 09 Apr 98  
      License/Cost FreeWare  
      Runs on Win 95/98/ME/XP, win7-en nem próbáltam még ki - Pipi
      File Size 2.32MB
      Downloads 1397  
      Submitted By PageTech    Has 1 other program online  
      Company Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (PageTech) 
      User Rating Waiting for first 5 votes. Vote Here
      User Comments   No Reviews Submit Review

    FormView is a freeware program that Reads, Views, Searches and Prints HP PCL5 
    print files. It contains a subset of features in PCLTools and PCLTools SDK.
    FormView can be installed as a web browser helper application to facilitate
    viewing PCL printed output off the web.

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