Engineer’s Assistant Using a PIC16F84A
Az oldal megváltozott: 2010.04.20

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Microchip AN689 applikáció
eredeti oldal:
- Logikai szintjelző
- Állapot analizátor
- RS232 monitor
- Frekvencia mérő

Logic Probe
The low and high logic levels are displayed by LEDs, which are OFF if the probe tip is floating or connected
to a hi-impedance (>220k) output. A pulse transition is detected and is indicated by turning on the LED for 80 ms.

Logic State Analyzer

The analyzer fetches 300 single bit samples at a selectable rate (in 16 steps from 40 Hz to 1 MHz). It has a
programmable start at High-to-Low or Low-to-High transition at input. Digital waveforms are displayed in a
pseudographic mode on the LCD.

Serial Code Receiver
The Serial Code Receiver receives 42 bytes and displays them in both HEX and ASCII. The baud rate is
selectable in 8 steps, from 1200 to 115200. The selectable format is 7 or 8 bits with or without a parity bit
which is not displayed. Signal polarity is also selectable. Direct signal stealing from an RS-232 or an
RS-232C interface is possible.

Frequency Counter
The Frequency Counter counts frequency and displays it in an 8-digit decimal format on the LCD with a refresh
rate of 500 ms. There are four ranges, from 5 to 40 MHz, which affect the count resolution (from 4 to 32).

Battery Manager
The Battery Manager provides for discharging with an automatic switch that changes to charge mode at 4V
battery voltage, charging with 18 mA of constant current and automatic power off after 14 hours. Any DC
source between 10V and 30V, at any polarity, can be used for charging.

hex file, további fájlok(protel pcb)
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Kiegészítés: én 4db cerka elemet forrasztottam be, a töltő elektronika elhagyásával, helyére egy power on nyomógomb beapplikálásával.
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